Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Book Review: Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

My overall rating for fangirl was 4 stars.

(I read this as an ebook, sorry for no pretty pictures!)

Spoilers ahead!

When I first started reading this book I thought it was amazing, such a brilliant premise and such a well thought out idea with a clear knowledge of how anxiety affects people. I really loved the whole premise of Wren wanting to break the mould from being the twin to Cath as it was such a true to life idea, most twins however close feel like they want to be their own person too.

I also really enjoyed the relationship that grew between Cath and Reagan, it was such a nice look in to how Cath's brain worked and how she takes every single action to be one against her. Even when she met Levi, she couldn't see how he felt about her and that was such an accurate depiction of the levels of crazy Cath is always saying she is.

My only real complaint about this book is that I just feel like it could've been so much more.
I wanted more, I wanted to see her and Levi develop more as a couple and see how she grew to trust him, I wanted to see more of Wren not being a complete bitch to her sister and see her as Cath is showing her to us at the beginning of the story. I wanted to see her Mother actually make more of an effort, or see her Dad get a really amazing contract. I especially wanted to see Cath finishing the final Simon Snow bit, mainly because I was so shocked she had the author of that make the gay twist near the end, ideally I thought it would have been nice if she'd read the acknowledgements and had seen "thanks to Magicath for all the amazing work she has done" and so on and so forth. I also loved that Cath's story won such an amazing award as well, it goes to show that hopefully she'd be able to become her own author one day too.

I did really enjoy this book, I just found it so slow in some places, and there were parts where Cath really, really annoyed me. It also ended really suddenly, I didn't feel like it was a good place to stop within the story at all, it could have easily had a least 3 more chapters left in it I wanted to give it an honest rating because I think I'm more in happy with the premise of the story rather than the actual story itself.

If you've never read a Rainbow Rowell book before I would recommend you do so, but I would recommend you start with Eleanor & Park first - it's a much stronger story with a much better ending.

Have you read Fangirl? Let me know in the comments and whether or not you enjoyed the story, whether you hated it, or if you were completely in the middle like me?

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