Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Wrap Up!


I'm sorry this post is a little bit late! I wanted to finish Fangirl before I posted this (as 75% of it was read in february so I think that counts!) so here it is! I also wanted to let you know that I've officially one the competition with my boyfriend to see who can read the most in february! One book bought by him shall shortly be joining my collection! Anyways, on with the wrap up!

It was such an amazing reading month! I'm afraid all of the books I read this month were either an ebook or have already gone back home to protect them for my university room eating them up so no fancy pictures this post! (Next time, I promise)

The first book I read was: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin - 466 pages

I gave this 4 stars! This was all about a girl who had been out with her friends and had woken up in hospital with no memories, only to be told her friends had died when she hadn't. I really enjoyed this book, I loved trying to figure out what was happening in Mara's head as she was and discovering new tidbits of information as we went along! I read this as an ebook and immediately ordered the next book in the series after finishing it (A maybe for the month of March perhaps?)

The next book I read was: The Shock Of The Fall - Nathan Filer - 310 pages

I gave this 5 stars! I really, really loved this book, it deals with mental illness mainly and had one of the best layouts it possibly could have to show this, I loved how it jumped around as if we were inside the main characters head for real and even weeks now after I read it I can not stop thinking about it, I love, love, love it. I'd definitely recommend going and reading this if you haven't yet!

The next book I read was: The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Mitch Albom - 196 pages.

Another 5 star book! This was all about a man who had died and learning lessons from 5 different people in his life about what his life was all about and how he played a part in each of their lives, whether he knew it at the time or not. It was such a wonderful read, at times very sad but so uplifting and definitely one I'm so glad to have read. Pick this one up. Yesterday.

The next book I read was Anna And The French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins - 416 pages.

5 Stars - this book was all about a girl called Anna who had been sent away from her own life in America to go to a school in France, and her journey adjusting and a very cute boy who lives there also. I loved this, Stephanie Perkins is one of my new all time favourite authors. It was such an amazing contemporary and I don't know how I left it so long to read this. New favourite!

And so logically, the next book I picked up was Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins - 368 Pages.

5 Stars - This book featured a girl named Lola, convinced she's completely in love with her boyfriend and the tale of what happens when her ex-crush moves back in to the house next door to her. An absolutely heart-warming and gorgeous contemporary. I'm so, so happy I've started this series - I can't wait for the next one! It was especially lovely to see part of Anna still in this one!

The next and final book I read this month was Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell - 445 pages.

3.5 Stars - I was really enjoying this book - I found the idea to be such a brilliant one, but unfortunately it fell a little short for me (Please look back to my last post to see a full review). It follows a girl  named Cath and the sequencing of events that occurs when she and her twin Wren move to college. Cath writes fan fiction and has extreme social anxiety and thus this book follows all that you would expect to happen along these lines! I still loved this book, it just fell a bit short for me unfortunately!

What have you read this month? Anything the same as I have? Please leave in the comments your answers to these questions and feel free to leave me some recommendations!

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