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Book Review: The One - Kiera Cass

The One is the third and final book in The Selection trilogy, please be aware this review will contain many spoilers from this book and the others in the trilogy throughout.

So, before the release of The One, I had previously marathoned both The Selection and The Elite together in a single night I enjoyed them so much!

I always find these such quick reads and the final one was no different! Although it did take me a little while to really get moving with the story again, as I remembered the characters the whole thing got so good!

I have from the beginning of these books been Team Maxon, I've always found Aspen to be completely over-bearing and awful, especially when at the Palace and with The One, this was no different. I constantly find myself almost screaming at America for not being honest with her feelings and moving on to devote her love to one of them, I'm glad that Aspen met someone else for that sake!

I very much enjoy reading these as they are just so breezy to read, even through the tensest moment, it's a very unique kind of love story and America has a very easy voice to follow, however much it may annoy me as she repeatedly pushes Maxon away at the worst moments.

I really enjoyed the America/Maxon sweet moments in this book to no end! It was such a beautiful unfolding when it all worked! I especially loved reading all of his love letters to America when she is away, it just went to show all of the feelings he really had as he came to terms with it, and I loved that!

I did enjoy this book, but I have a lot of problems with the way the whole thing was wrapped up. I just didn't feel that more than half of these deaths that were kept being thrown in were necessary. I could understand the death of her father, but I felt it was so sudden and very unrealistic. Before she went away in the first place you would surely think her father would want to tell her himself in person? I also severely disliked the introduction of her father & Kriss being rebels, as to which end did this really come into? It was just a throw away thought that never really had an impact on the story except for in that moment, where it didn't really make any sense anyway.

 I also didn't enjoy the whole aspect of her sister's baby - for someone who is supposedly so devoted to her family, America showed hardly interest in the baby, there was no mention of her holding the child at all!

Leading on to the other deaths which I did not enjoy, I thought firstly the moment where America is so happy with Maxon the morning before he chooses to be so wonderful, but 3 seconds later she was in Aspens arms, no matter whether her intentions were good or bad, it was unnecessary and certainly not part of the traits america had been shown to be having.

I also did not like the way Maxon reacted to this either, I could understand the upset and hurt, but to go from what they had to the way they were then was just completely unrealistic - I couldn't believe he'd be so quick to dismiss everything they had said they felt for each other!

This of course leads us on to the part right at the end of the book where Maxon was about to choose his wife. I loved the way that the rebellion was shown within the announcement and I was definitely feeling excited to have been thrown into such an event - again here though, I just felt the deaths were thrown in without much thought, they were not well planned and they were not done with any remorse.

This was especially upsetting because of the recent relationship build up between Celeste and America, and to have Celeste to be killed off so quickly and without any real pain shown by America - it was just not needed, there were a million better ways for her to have been killed, but this was not a satisfactory one.

I was also extremely unhappy with the way the King and Queen's deaths were announced to America, Maxon showed no real grief, which would have been understandable had just his father died, but his mother did too and this did not seem to bother him in any real way.

I also did not like the way America reacted upon the news of her head maids death, or one of the others ones leaving her - considering such a huge emphasis was put on her relationship with her maids, she did not seem so sad about losing most of them.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really dislike the way Cass has any of her characters react to death, it's very impersonal and then everything is brushed over very quickly, this is just not realistic and does nothing for character development in the slightest.

Despite all of this, I would definitely recommend The Selection trilogy to anyone who wanted a very quick and fun read, it's not for those who want something very serious, but for those who just want the enjoyment factor, this will certainly do nicely!

I gave it a 4/5*'s for enjoyment factor, but for actual plot line and credit to the author, I would only give this 3 *'s.

P.S. Sorry this is late, I forgot to take it out of my drafts!

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